As We Proceed

It’s finally here.

The month we’ve been waiting for since the basketsports team’s unceremonious exit from the EN SEE TWO A TOURNAMENT.


August traditionally is when football season really starts to gear up towards existing, but this year it’s even MORE. The end of the month brings the first game of the year in Foxboro against a small, geographically mislabeled, Catholic institution that has the major distinction of being one of the few Division 1 teams that isn’t a University.

The Minutemen come into this season with more questions than answers.

Where have I seen this before?

A new coach. Possibly a new quarterback. Playing one of the most subpar to mediocre teams in the country in a home game that is actually closer to the visiting school. Sounds pretty grim for a team with 2 total wins in their FBS Playoff Division FBS (apparently its still called FBS) history.

We’ll get into expected outcomes and gambling wisdom in due time. In the interim, things to concentrate on are:

A) That game is going to be awesome. Probably 40k in attendance with what is hopefully a huge tailgate scene that draws attention to what could should be a fixture in the college football landscape for years to come.

2) The chance to bring a little respect to Minutemen football after a dismal few years. Let’s not forget that not 9 years ago the (then FCS) Minutemen gave the Super Frauds quite a scare in Newton with then Heisman candidate Matt Ryan at the helm. This isn’t Alabama, its the College of Chestnut Hill. Hopefully the other quarterback in that game, the impossibly efficient and current UMass QB coach, Liam Coen, has some ideas on how to finish off the Eagles.*

*Full disclaimer: I actually went to that game at Alumni using the “family section” tickets of a friend of mine who played for the Eagles. Needless to say, the surrounding families were nonplussed at having one wasted and screaming UMass fan in their midst. I absconded before the end of the first half after doing surely irreparable (but also probably expected) damage to the University’s reputation.

C) Win or lose, we still booze

We intend to have some new twists and features for the season, so there’s that, I guess. One of those new features we hope to have up within the next couple weeks. I swear we haven’t just been drinking our livers to their breaking point on our hiatus.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled muck raking.

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