No More Black Uniforms Sad Face

Sad news for the Uni-Watch as the death knell sounds for the black shirts. And pants. And probably hats.


According to coach Mark Whipple, the Minutemen will pack away its black uniforms on game day this season in favor of the team’s more traditional maroon and white options.

“I think we’ll mix it – we won’t wear black,” Whipple said after practice Tuesday. “It’ll be combinations each game of red and white, white and red.”

Overall, I liked the black shirts. I know there were many (Malone included) who were against the black for the sake of black, but I think it was a fun shirt to bust out as a third option. Hopefully, this means there will be no more mistaking one of the University’s colors to be anything but maroon and white any longer (aquafresh helmets included).

Not even once.

Not even once.

One up swing for the University, it removes the temptation of the Football team to have a ‘black out’ for the week night MACtion which would have surely been taken advantage of by the student populace.

In non-clothing related news:

Oh look! Tajae has made some new friends! (MassLive)

One of those friends got a second article too! Who it is will SHOCK YOU! Just kidding, its Penn State transfer Alex Kenney. (MassLive)

The Minutemen look to try throwing the ball down the field in a successful manner, which will surely confuse fans. (MassLive)

Vautour with the breakdown of the youth at D-Line. (Gazette)

Just what UMass needed! Less parking! Hooray! {fart noises}

Fuck, is it August 30th yet? Hashed Tag BeatBC

2 thoughts on “No More Black Uniforms Sad Face

  1. Pockets
    August 7, 2014 at 8:54 am

    Black is not one of our primary colors, and you shouldn’t dress yourself in a non-primary color. I FULLY SUPPORT THIS MOVE! FUCK BLACK JERSEYS!

    Do I own a black UMass jersey? OF COURSE! It was the only one they sold at the time! But that doesn’t mean I can’t be wholeheartedly behind this decision.

  2. Pockets
    August 7, 2014 at 8:54 am


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