Season Tickets are in and BC is 11 days away

Yeah, that headline is pretty much what’s making me excited today.

Our season ticket package came in this weekend. Or yesterday. I don’t know, I wasn’t home to watch the postman make the drop. But they are here, I’m holding them in my hands, and everything seems so real.

We know who the starting quarterback will be for that game, and it’s a surprise to no one on this side of the screen. Via Matt Vautour:

After a competitive battle with incumbent junior A.J. Doyle, Frohnapfel has made the most of his opportunity. Barring injury between now and Aug. 30, Whipple announced that Frohnapfel, also a junior, will be the starter when UMass hosts Boston College at 3 p.m. at Gillette Stadium.

“Fro will be the starter,” Whipple said. “He just played a little bit better. A.J. played well. Fro just made some better decisions and at times threw the ball a little bit better. I feel good about that position.”

So do we, Whip. For those uninitiated, Froh is a quick-footed, strong-armed transfer from Marshall, where he was seeing some playing time but not quite enough behind Rakeem Cato. We were of the assumption that he wouldn’t have come here if he wasn’t given the impression that the starting job was his barring poor performance or injuries, so this, again, is no surprise to hear.

Of course, we don’t expect a Doyle-less season either. AJ will see some time.

The other big story this week is FOUR STAR RUNNING BACK OF THE FUTURE DREW HARRIS has left the team. He spent a very solid and memorable two weeks as a Minuteman, which, just kidding, they apparently were neither solid nor memorable. Clearly something was wrong, either with his attitude or ability. The decision for the two parties to split from each other was “mutual,” which is typically code for “it was mutual in the sense that one party said ‘leave/I’m leaving’, and the other party said ‘yeah whatever smell ya later.'”

I’m not terribly upset about this. Was it exciting to have such a formerly-highly-touted back on the roster? Sure, because it makes you look better on paper and you can get excited about potential. But if he wasn’t going to be a good fit, fine. We still have J.T. Blyden (who I’m dying to see get on the field), Jordan Broadnax Broadsword, Shadrach Abrokwah, Lorenzo Woodley, Daquan Mack, and JAMAL WILSON who *hint-hint* will probably be lining up behind Froh on the first snap of the season.

So be happy. We’re less than two weeks from kickoff, we named a starting QB, we took a step towards solving the logjam in the backfield, and the weather looks beautiful for the next few days. Chill out and enjoy the death throes of summer. These guys are.

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