Where We’re a Little More Than a Week Away

The University of Massachusetts starts its season in 9 days at ‘home’ against Brighton College in a game we’re all hoping to win (and really, while its not super likely, its not super unlikely).

We also seem to have a depth chart approaching true definition with most of the starters for game 1 being laid out


QB: Blake Frohnapfel
RB: Jamal Wilson
WR: Tajae Sharpe & Alex Kenney
TE: Rodney Mills
LT: Tyrell Smith
LG: Fabian Hoeller
C: Matt Sparks
RG: Josh Bruns
RT: Elijah Wilkinson

DE: Peter Angeh
NT: Daniel Maynes
DE: Sha-Ki Holines
OLB: Kassan Messiah
ILB: Stanley Andre
ILB: Jovan Santos-Knox
OLB: Trey Seals
CB: Jackson Porter
S: Joe Colton
S: Trey Dudley-Giles
CB: Jesse Monteiro (also auditioning and usual starter Randall Jette sat out with a stiff neck)

Really, not too many surprises here. Some major pluses include seeing Kassan as a starter. Kassan was someone we couldn’t explain the absence of last year. He clearly has the natural skill and talent, but for some reason Churley decided to not play him. Whatever, Kassan is a player we’ve been clamoring for since he got here, and it’s a huge plus to see him in a seemingly natural position of edge rushing OLB.

Obviously with Blake at QB and a mostly new look on offense, it’s an exciting time to think about the Minutemen. I’m more excited about the offense than I’ve been in the past few years. Honestly, I have nothing negative to say about the team at all right now, and that is kind of awesome.

What else is there to think of?

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One thought on “Where We’re a Little More Than a Week Away

  1. Pockets
    August 21, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    I disagree with the strategy of fielding 10 players on offense. I think we’ll be at a disadvantage if this is the case.

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