Finally. Game Week Has Returned To Us.

WELLLLLLLLL BOYS AND GIRLS. It’s finally here. The (Wednesday before) the day we’ve all been waiting for.

UMASS. Chestnut Hill Preparatory. Gillette. Tailgating. Liquor. Taunting.

In fact, some enterprising fan wandered over to Newton to redecorate a little bit:

A Larger Than Life 57 Inches!

A Larger Than Life 57 Inches!

Saturday will have it all and we cannot fucking wait to see this team. Are they going to still have a long way to go? Probably. Will we look upon this team with reckless optimism anyways? Absolutely.

Vegas has the line floating between, well, pretty much a lock solid consensus of UMass +17. While BC is by no means a top level ACC team, they still play in the ACC (the worst of the best conferences!) and that line is nothing to be embarrassed about. UMass comes in as a large unknown with a new staff, new QB, and a lot more experience. This season should be a vast improvement over the perpetual dick kick that was the Churley Mulner Experiment, but realistically a 4 win season would have me shedding a tear like a stereotypical Native American watching someone hitting a jackpot on a slot machine litter.

Not The Progressive Slots!

Not The Progressive Slots!

That said, UMass wins by 2 scores.

Fuck BC.

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