Introducing CRITICAL MASS, the Four Volleys Podcast

That’s right, we now have a podcast. Or, I suppose more technically, a podcast episode. Episode 2, in fact. Episode 2 of this new podcast you’ve never heard of and certainly won’t be hearing Episode 1 of.

We’re hoping this becomes an irregular thing. We’d love for it to be regular but our work ethic is questionable at best and podcasts don’t take fiber pills.

Here’s what we discuss in this week’s podcast:

  • The BC game, and how it was a pile of nope.
  • The Colorado game, and how it was a much better experience for all involved.
  • Upcoming games against Vandy and Penn State.
  • How tailgating at McGuirk might be weird now.
  • Why I wasn’t drinking whiskey while taping.
  • Why HomelessJerry is not working for an entire week because UMass plays a home game on a weeknight.

Listen here (or, if you’re impatient and prefer to skip around without waiting for the stream to load, you can also find the episode on SoundCloud):


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