Critical Mass Episode 3: UMass Football Is Coming Home

Here drops Four Volleys’ third episode of the pod.

HomelessJerry and Pockets spent last night talking about what else but UMass football. You might say there are better ways to spend your Tuesday evenings. But you’d be wrong.

Unless maybe you own Destiny and have spent up to 1/7 of your life since its release living in its world.

In this week’s ramble, the gruesome twosome chatter about:

  • The non-conference schedule and how thank god it’s over let’s move on
  • Bowling Green, not to be confused with Rolling Green
  • The new UMass tailgate rules and how they’re apparently an extension of the standard draconian policies the University continually puts into place to curb any and all fun you might want to have in the name of SAFETY
  • Future schedule stuff, which will all be changing in approximately two hours

So listen below and then search YouTube for “UMass tailgate” and then buy a ticket.


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