Critical Mass Episode 4: We…We Won?

Episode 4 of Critical Mass drops NOW.

Pockets and HomelessJerry recorded an abbreviated pod in honor of the first UMass victory of 2014. In this week’s edition you’ll find they:

  • talk about the win. WE WON! HOLY CRAP!
  • exhale in extraordinary relief as maybe UMass has resolved its placekicking situation
  • discuss Frohnapfel’s incredible numbers so far this season
  • forget that Matt Birk went to Harvard
  • try to guess how many more of these awesome wins we’ll see, starting with this Saturday
  • run out of whiskey and end the podcast

UMass plays at Gillette one last time this Saturday. They should win this one. They’re favored by a lot of points. If you’re on the fence about going, you should go.

Alright, here’s the podcast:


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