Ball So Hard


Massfacts: UMass comes into MIDWEEK MACtion after 2 off Saturdays to recoup, recover, and regameplan for Ball State. The Minutemen come into the game throwing all over defenses and scoring close to at will. While the passing game has been the star, the running game has become more and more reliable as defenses continue to key on the pass allowing the offense to have a semblance of balance not seen since the pre kevin morris days.

While defenses may be keying on the offense, they haven’t succeeded at stopping the Minutemen as they have put up the 6th most passing yards in the NCAA, while QB Blake Frohnapfel is second in the nation in passing yards (Note:I have no idea who the 4 teams with such successful platoon QBs are) and his two favorite targets are on national award watch lists. Look for Blake to throw for over 400 yards again and Sifrin to do something awesome.

The defense comes in allowing a ton of points, but honestly making great strides towards doing enough to help the offense win games, as evidenced in the two wins on the season. While the defense will be without Kassan Supreme Messiah, Jr. it looks as though Jovan Santos-Knox will be ready to go at linebacker helping to sure up the linebacking corps which will be needed against a fairly talented Ball State running game.

I don’t have to acknowledge the kicking game, and you can’t make me.

Ballfacts: Ball State enters tonight with a record of 3-6, which is only one win better than UMass. They have the same amount of FBS wins as UMass, beating Colgate, Central Michigan, and Akron. This team was supposed to be much better this year, but life and football don’t always turn out the way you expect them too.

They are a bit below average in almost every statistical measurement. Most of their games have been decided by two scores. Their two FBS wins are against teams that combine for a .500 overall record, while UMass’s vanquished foes carry a 3-15 record. I don’t know if that means anything. It probably doesn’t.

The best thing I noticed in my very cursory glance over the Ball State Cardinals is they lost a football game to in-state non-rival FCS Indiana State, the alma mater of the Basketball Jesus. They lost to the Sycamores by one touchdown. I’m not a HUGE fan of the transitive property, but it was hard to ignore that Indiana State has itself lost to three FCS teams this season.

I do not believe that Ball State is a good football team.

Timefacts: The series is TIED 1-1 all time, with both games being played in the 80s. I like games like this because it lets us take the series lead forever.


TV: ESPNU holy shit really? We’re on TV, ma!
Radio: WEEI (105.5 FM in Springfield), WHYN (560 AM in Springfield if you hate FM radio, you weirdo), WVEI (1440 AM in Worcester), WXKS (1200 AM in Boston), and WATD (95.9 FM on the South Shore)
Legal Streams: Video, Audio, Delayed Animated Dots
Pirates: FirstRow There isn’t one at press time, so just get better cable?
Four Volleys: Purple Lot 22! Midweek MACtion in Amherst should be quite the treat. Hopefully the students agree.


Well, I didn't, but NOW...

Well, I didn’t, but NOW…

Sam takes on a cardinal, which is just a small red bird. I don’t understand why this is such a common mascot, considering its just a dumb stupid bird. Sam wins because bullets are the natural enemy of birds.


Someone comments on the temperature being ‘cold’ (note: you will be drunk)
Every time you notice the student section shrinking
Someone snuck booze into McGuirk

Long discussion of the difference between a ‘tailgate game’ and a ‘drinking game’
You find yourself wishing for more midweek night games

Down at the half

Adventures in place kicking

Running back injury

UMass wins!


Where we be.

Where we be.

Under the flag! The Four Volleys Fools will be out in force gallivanting and carrying on in lovely AMHERST MASS A CHU SETTS. Stop by and have a beer. Or don’t. Whatever. Fuck you.


Spread: Mass -3.5…O/U 60.5….Mass -175

UMass comes off 2 weeks of prepping for Ball State MIDWEEK MACTION in Amherst. Take the OVER and the first half spread Mass -3.5. Mass to win outright if you want to parlay.

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