Salting the Wounds: Quarterbacks

Editors Note: Salting the Wounds is our annual multiple piece, positional specific, dissection/wrap up/word vomit of the season that was and the seasons that soon will be. Today we discuss a Tale of Two Starters: Quarterbacks.

It was the best of Quarterbacks (statistically in the MAC), it was the worst of Quarterbacks (with at least 45 attempts).

Heralding in a brave new day on offense was transfer QB Blake Frohnapfel leading the MAC in passing yards while tying for second in TDs thrown in the new look, play action runless, Whiplash Offense. Shaking off a statiscally less than stellar opening game against Brighton College- where, frankly he looked to be heads and shoulders above the level of play we had previously seen at the position-he went on to only throw for under 250 yards only 1 other time in the season on his way to re-writing several records including 4 games where he threw over 375, with one game of 589 yards, and 2 games with 5 TDs. Oh, did I mention he also missed the last 2 games of the season?

Blake Frohnapfel, currently.

Blake Frohnapfel, currently.

What happened in the final two games, however, was a quick reminder of how stark things were the 2 seasons priors. Freshman Austin Whipple came on in relief and was basically what was expected. With the offense ratched way down for the red shirt Freshman, he went 25-48 for 3TD and 3 INT. This was about the production we saw from AJ Doyle the past 2 seasons in relief, so it makes sense that they would let the young transfer get his feet wet while preserving AJs year of eligibility in hopes he provides insurance and transition after Froh sets fire to every record in school history next year.

Speaking of next year, the future looks surface of the sun bright for the Minutemen offense, and therefore football team, as Blake returns and sets his sights on a MAC championship. Seriously, the combination of Blake and coach Whipple should be enough motivation for even the casual fan to get out to see this team in person next year. Froh was able to put all this together after arriving in the summer and at a huge disadvantage and still did all this. Imagine what will happen when he gets to work with Whip for the full offseason including spring ball and has a laundry list of starters returning.

This team should be scary though the air next year and I can’t wait to watch Froh light the way.

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